CBS has brilliantly demonstrated why censorship is not only immoral, it is just plain head-up-your-ass stupid.

CBS: Playing with fire extinguishers!

In covering the recent attack on a Danish cartoonist and his family by an axe-wielding terrorist who apparently couldn’t find any exploding underwear, CBS takes pains to blur out the actual years-old cartoon of Mohammed wearing a turban bomb, lest Jihad Inc. take offense.

Spineless, yes! But wait, there’s more! Apparently CBS is as confused as the rest of us in trying to figure out what makes a muslim time bomb tick. In their segment, they distort one image showing the specific cartoon that artist Kurt Westergaard inked, but later show an undistorted newspaper page with all the offending Mohammed cartoons, including Westergaard’s!

Whether CBS was trying to avoid setting off Islam’s volcanic temper or just trying to protect themselves from being visited by a muslim land shark of their own, they blew it on both counts. Wake up, fucktards! You can bury every copy of that cartoon in a steel drum or you can embroider it on the American flag. Nothing we do is going to keep the next guy from trying to hide a stick of dynamite up his ass while flying JetBlue to Disneyland.

Look, I normally would never force a criminal suspect to watch as his grandmother is eaten alive by fire ants, but I’m warning you terrorists: any one cartoonist is more evil than all of Sunni Islam and the Khmer Rouge combined. Ever read Happiness is a Warm Puppy? There are more coded instructions from Satan in that book than the Necrinomicon. Don’t piss us off.

UPDATE: Speaking of evil cartoonists, how evil am I that it took me this long to note the passing of cartoonist David Levine, a caricaturist who had an influence on me when I was very young. Farewell, David. Your jihad will live on!