Alright! Finally back on skej and ready to get this crazy enterprise called motoring again. So let’s get down to brass tic-tacs here with my past-its-freshness-date post-NYC Comicon wrap up. I’ve gotta lotta links for ya, so get you bookmarks ready! (But first, rev yourselves up by reading this pre-con interview of me conducted by the talented and sexy and easily bribed Jen Contino over at The Pulse. )

On to the show. I was slinging my hash at the Angry Drunk Graphics booth, a cartel of like-minded humor sociopaths, all of us trying to hide from our fans. But, like Frankenstein’s monster equipped with OnStar, many of my devotees nevertheless managed to track me down and drool on my products. Dammit, do I have to change my fucking name too?? Quit bugging me and just mail me your cash!

You have more of the green papers for us, my precious?

While at the show I went on a whirlwind tour of Podcasters Alley and gave one interview after another to all of fandom’s top podcasters (which is like boasting that while on the road you slept with all of Best Western’s top middle-aged Mexican housekeepers). But publicity is publicity, and I came back from the show itching with the publicity lice I acquired. Here’s the first of what I’m sure will be many spoken interviews that will be clogging the infosphere soon, courtesy of Ian Levenstein at Comic Timing. Feel free to skip every other part and go straight to 46:50 to hear my segment.

I hope you will pardon my French when I tell you that I zold zee merde out of zee Weapon Brown! Yes, the show was pretty friendly to me and my wee little comic books, and fortunately the configuration of the table I sat behind prevented me from wandering the floor too much, sparing me my usual beatings by costumed deviants, and perhaps that is why this has only occurred to me for the first time: attend any comic convention you wish and you will most likely fall into the gravity well of some over-plump Batman or the most zaftig of Wolverines, yet you never meet anyone with the honesty to dress up as the Blob. I mean, why did Stan Lee even bother creating a role model for these porkers if they aren’t going to take advantage of it?

You don’t scare me, Nightmare Bear! The pills make you go away!
This guy wanted to show me his other power ring, but I demured when he told me where it was.

Returning home, I found that Benjamin Hayden, one of my most prolific thralls, had cranked out some new artwork based on my characters.  Here’s exhibit “A” of my copyright lawsuit.

If Ben’s crime wasn’t bad enough, it turns out that The Reefer Den a website that endorses the consumption of illegal and extremely enjoyable narcotics, is using my work to promote their anti-family agenda. If you decide to go to their website, you will find my work in the “Sites” section. Just make sure that before you visit you stuff a towel under your door.

Phew! All caught up. Now, pay attention: that “Brown History Month” announcement in my banner isn’t just for show. I know you love me, because you tell me so every time we make love. But real love comes in the form of clickable links!

So if you have not yet told your friends, your Twitter followers or your chatroom roleplay companions about Weapon Brown, now is the time to do so! Eventually all this hard work is going to be turned into a graphic novel for purchase by what remains of our consumer economy after the recession is done consuming it, and I will need as many eyeballs coming to my site on a regular basis to make that effort a success. Do your part, Unmerica! tell the world what I am doing here so they don’t have to find out about it the hard way (the “hard way” being a little advertising technique I am developing called “laser anal grams”).

Also! I am pleased to see how many of you return again and again to leave comments, yet saddened at how few of you have Gravatars. Gravatars are 80px x 80px avatars that follow you around on the web and automatically appear whenever you comment on a Gravatar-enabled website (like mine). It’s a free service, and very easy to use. And, so that you may tell the world that Deep Fried is your beastmaster, I have created a few custom Gravatars for you to use (or not, no pressure. S’not like, y’know, we’re best friends or sumthin’…). Just drag em’ off the screen to wherever you keep things like these and use them at your leisure!