I had fully (read: FULLY) intended to conclude the “Not Safe For Work” storyline this week, but circumnavigations completely within my control have prevented this. And those circumthingies would be: my attending Wizard World Chicago in beautiful Rosemont, Illinois this week (yes, the name is cruelly misleading).

The time I would have spent drawing the comic strip I usually deliver with 90% dependability was instead soaked up drawing salable artwork of the stupid comic strip heroes that the public seems to prefer over my sexual misanthropes and drug abusers.

Rather than hate me at a distance, you could come to the show this weekend and spit on me in person. Or, you could bask in the pixels of the artwork I spent my time ignoring your needs for (below). I do promise to wrap the story next week though, and apologize to anyone forced to read Ziggy in place of  Deep Fried this week. Trust me when I say I’d rather be drawing.

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