I am returned from Chicago and posting again, as the final installment of “Not Safe for Work” will testify to.  Yes, my strip was delayed a bit while I sold my cancerous comics to the public, but I know that your patience is as elastic as a rubberband and that I could count on you being here when I returned. You’re all such sheep. 

The show was gangbusters and Deep Fried sold unusally briskly. While I try to figure out if that means I have finally found my audience, why not take a look at some of the interesting people I met there?

My brief enrollment with the Fundamentalist LDS Church (which I mentioned in the show’s program) caused many of the young girls at the show to arrive armed .
Worst Howard the Duck costume ever.
Go away! Aieeeee!!
This is “Venom Pimp” (seen here without his stable of Venom bitches).
My negotiations with Venom Pimp for some post-show entertainment in my hotel room fell apart when I commented that my hat was doper than his.
There are often celebrities at the bigger comic conventions, but even I was surprised to see Dick Cheney show up!

There was alos a surprise waiting for me in my inbox when I returned. Apparently Deep Fried fan par excellance Benjamin Hayden has once again run out of things to do, and so created this alien mockery of Roadkill using Spore, a new video game that requires a blood sample every time you play it.

Well, I can see it a little around the eyes. Roadkill does blaze quite often. Go ahead and check out the video on my Refrigerator Art page and judge for yourself. 

(Ben went on to tear a rib from Roadkill and created a Boogie Bunnee as well.)