Coupla jazzy links for you. First off, Mike Sonovic (aka 3D Beepo, official living mascot of this website) has sent me a link to  a video of April’s Pittsburgh Comicon costume contest, where his Beepo contest earned him honorable mention for best nose or something. You can skip all the cutsey kid crap at the beginning. The real action starts at 27:47 (and it’s all right Mike, no one knows who the hell I am either).

(Might I just reiterate how disturbing it is to see my fantasy turned into flesh and blood reality? Fear for what might crawl out of my brain into existence next, people!)

Also, the good folks at the N3RDCast have pimped Weapon Brown but good! Or atleast, they claim as much. I just listened and the MP3 terminates halfway through their podcast. I am sure they will have it fixed by the time you click this link, however.

Finally,  a clever bit of Photoshop phandom I performed for Paul Southworth’s superlative comic strip Ugly Hill delighted him so much he put it on his homepage. Go here and scroll down to the bottom to see my oh-so-clever “Eye Am for Osgood” graphic.