In order to travel to the far away comic cons I must reach to sell Deep Fried and Weapon Brown to the non-believers, I need to raise a little additional cabbage to afford the plane fare and table costs. The next show I need (not want, NEED) to be at is North Carolina’s Heroes Con in June. Right now I have about half the money I need to get there. You can help make the difference and help pave the way for the Weapon Brown graphic novel that is my big 2008 project!

If you are a true Deep Fried fan, please take advantage of one or more of the following promotional offers and help me raise the $300.00 I need to make it to my next show.

I have just added many new pages of artwork to my gallery on All of them are for sale at very reasonable prices (listed), and I provide price breaks for purchases of three or more pieces. Just look over the selections and e-mail me with your request.

All the artwork for sale has been published in Deep Fried, Weapon Brown or in the papers that have carried me in the past. And if there is a piece there you don’t see, you can always inquire about it. Most everything I have drawn in the past is for sale.

Like sexy wimmen? Peruse the fine selection of digital prints in my store! I am bundling all 6 of the 11 x 14 prints–Harlequin Romance, Purrfect Crime, Coy Cat, Dirty Blonde, Bottoms Up and Tango de la Muerte–and offering the lot for only $40.00 (plus shipping). As an added incentive, you may request that any three of them be remarqued (that is, a little custom drawing added on the front). Just e-mail me after you have place your order and tell me which ones you want remarqued, and how.

6 Pack

Though I am sold out of my original first issue of Deep Fried, volume 1, I still have copies left of volume 1 issues 2, 3 and 4, as well as Deep Fried: We’re #1!, my 48 page special. I am offering all four of these as a signed set for $15.00 (includes shipping), and each set will come with a one-of-a-kind sketch on the backing board of one of the Strawberry Shortstack characters that Beepo is so fond of.

I am limiting this rare and slightly perverse offer to only 20 units, with the artwork signed and numbered as well. Perfect for you hardcore fans!

Strawberry Shortstack Bundle


This year’s Pittsburgh Comicon was a barrel of AIDS monkeys that, predictably, led to a few minor scuffles with the local cosplayers. I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

Nice setup, huh? I owned that friggin’ hall, I tells ya!
Would you buy comics from this man?
It didn’t take too long for the trouble to start. I don’t know what it is about me that irratates these people. All I did was ask this guy if he’s one of those gay construction workers you hear about. And if not, why did I see him sucking a foreman’s jackhammer behind the concession stand?
Some sort of Charlie Brown ghost? No, it’s Kevin from Sin City! Or a long lost Winter brother.
My loyal fans from the Ghost Buster’s Nightsquad were back again. See that big one on the left? He kills at my command, and asks only for a single animal cracker as payment. Still, I’m sure there’s a Mexican illegal who could make me a better offer. 

(On the other hand, what southron would ever pimp me video-style the way lesser-giant Bo Holbrook has?)
Mike Sonovic, aka 3-D Beepo, also returned this year after a tour of America’s finest rehabs, and actually won first place (or no place, I forget which) in the con’s costume contest. Note the balloons from the “Funny Business” storyline. Nice touch! Still, why is Mike the only guy who has ever dressed up as one of my character’s, huh??? Surely I’m not that unpopular! Surely not…
“Stop….defending….Raimi! Spider-Man 3… sucked it!!!”
The Schulz estate finally took notice of Weapon Brown and sent their lawyer to discuss the matter with me.

I look forward to returning to Pittsburgh next year when my wounds have healed and I’ve stopped peeing blood.