Deep Fried is back on the attack! Thank you all for your patience as I took the last month off to get my various flavors of shit together. Behold what it has earned you! I brand new website color scheme, I nifty new feature, more frequent updates and a brand new copy of the Deep Fried comic book! Hooray for me! Let the hills ring with the news of my wonderfulness!

As you should all know by now, I have been planning to debut a new Weapon Brown saga for a while. I had part of it completed last year and I began shopping it around to publishers at the 2007 San Diego Comicon. Well, no one has taken the bait yet, but I am undeterred!

So, while I continue to play society’s games, I have decided to make Weapon Brown a regular part of the Deep Fried experience. I will now be updating the site three times a week, and there will now be two features for your enjoyment: the trusty Deep Fried strip, and Weapon Brown.

At present, I am resisting assigning certain days to certain strips, since sometimes it will be advantageous to have more of one feature than another in any given week. But for the moment, they will tend to switch off every other day, and I will be continuing my format of making each page part of a larger story instead of a one-off, although I will still do stand alone strips once in a while.

But even better: with all the material I have been squeezing out, I finally have been able to construct a brand new issue of Deep Fried for your purchasing pleasure, and things look good for a fourth issue in a couple of months. Deep Fried volume 2 #3 features the first 14 page chapter of the Weapon Brown story that I have just begun on the website (see? there it is , right above you), as well as the recently completed “Funny Business” storyline, and some individual strips as well. My plan is to debut a new issue for purchase just as the material it contains is ready to be put on the site. This way, you can get the stories all at once, or enjoy them on the website in weekly installments (although why would you want to read them for free when you could be helping me buy health insurance and shaving cream?).

These new issues of Deep Fried will only be available through this site or at my convention appearances. My plan is ultimately to collect Weapon Brown and Deep Fried into separate graphic novels and start selling them through shops beginning next year. Shrewd, huh?

But don’t torture yourself by waiting that long! Grab them up as they become available, starting today! I am also selling two sizzling new prints this week! You can see what those are all about by visiting my products page. Don’t be shy! I really need that shaving cream!