Hasbro has begun running a series of meta-ironic magazine ads for their classic G.I. Joe masculine indoctrination toys from the 80s. Yes, they have finally caught on to what that snickering over “knowing is half the battle” was all about. (Click the pictures for full size)

Retro-hip kind of loses its fizz when the product being mocked tries to get in on the joke. It’s like your Dad asking if you’ve been “YouTubing on the Internets” in your grandfather’s voice. Nevertheless, I am not ready to surrender one more icon of my youth to the ash heap of recuperation. What’s needed is deeper, more self-conscious irony, something that says “So what if I choose to give the last fuck? Fuck-giving is the foam on life’s latte, you pro-corporate poseur-hag.”

Call it “full circle jerk”, a new cynicism that is already an homage to itself, like Joan Crawford using a wire hangar to beat a Cabbage Patch Kid wearing a Rachel’s Vineyard T-shirt. Here is my contribution to the G.I Joe campaign. Feel free to send me your own Photoshopped indifference.