If you have had your faith in cinema eroded by years of high-velocity movie trailers that cut and splice all the movie’s best bits, creating what appears to be pure nitroglycerin out of the Aquafina the studio committees have passed through their bladders, Hollywood has finally heard you.

View this trailer for Ice Cube’s upcoming comic tragedy “First Sunday” (the movie appears to be a comedy, but giving Ice Cube another movie role is always a tragedy). The heroes at Screen Gems have decided to forego any attempt to sex up your expectations by eliminating the musical barrage that would normally back up the trailer’s scene montage and instead let the hilarity of the cuts speak for themselves.

It’s a risky move. For instance, when Ice Cube tells his baby momma that he wants to give his son “something I never had” (wait for it)…”a father”, without a musical cue I was left to ask myself , “will this movie be too bittersweet for me?” A few chords of Beyonce would have come in handy just then, but I’ll let you decide.