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Stuff Your Face!

You’ve waited forever and a half for this, now behold! The Stuffed Friend animated cartoon is finally live and free on the Interwebnet! Robot Chicken? There’s the door!


  1. Edward J. Cunningham

    Did I just see a cartoon about child abuse??

  2. Joshzilla


  3. Ginger Snap

    This is such a sad story so beautifully told.

  4. agentsarahjane

    @ EDJ : Yes , yes you did. It was based off of one of JY’s comics. Pretty bleak but it helps me to have a dark sense of humor to prevent the feels from taking over and going all Punisher on every RSO in the neighborhood

  5. WBorrelli

    Nope, having prior knowledge of the story did not help one iota. Still a very disturbing story. Did the animators work on this like the Worlds Deadliest Joke? Each person only working on a segment and not knowing the whole story? wow… I wish I could say I like it, but that would make me equally disturbed.

  6. roaddragon

    Had a bit of trouble gettin’ it to play but worth the effort! They did an excellent job with this comic.

    Friends, there’s more Clarissa comics in the archives too (the art class one is really hard hitting) that brings light to the story line. JY doesn’t wimp out when tacklin’ this disturbing subject that most would just sweep under the rug.

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