Don’t forget that today is national Opt Out Day, the opportunity to flex your political muscle and reclaim your genitals from the cold, rubber-gloved grip of the TSA.

If you are flying at all during this holiday, you should take advantage of the groundswell of resistance to the TSA’s new invasive security procedures. Refuse to be irradiated  and have your naked photo taken by glorified mall cops (unless they offer a modeling contract); demand the pat down instead, and remind them that you will be writing your congressman about it afterwards (and then do that).

It is important to say enough is enough. I am going to the airport  today myself to hand out pamphlets, during which time I hope to become a YouTube sensation like so many agitators before me. Pre-orders for my “Don’t Taze My Junk, Bro!” T-shirts will be available soon.


I followed through on my pledge and did indeed stand a lonely vigil at the Rochester International Airport on Opt-Out Day. I even managed to score a little air time with a news crew doing a remote at the event. If you add this to my previous engagements with local media on other public privacy matters, like police cameras, it appears that I am building my 15 minutes of fame 30 seconds at a time.

“Can I tell you a little about Krishna Conciousness? Oh,and don’t use the body scanners.”