D’oh! I wanted to get two strips done this week, but I was cursed with paying work: a birthday tribute to Mad magazine’s centennial satirist Al Jaffee! Your loss is his gain!

But now, here is what you were waiting for that WASN’T the cartoon! Announcing:


People, I gotta tell you: I have been in a real funk lately. This Covid thing and all it’s attendant nightmares is stressing me, my political outlook is bleak, I’ve been shooting my mouth off online and burning bridges left and right, and I don’t even know if I get the comic book industry anymore– the very star I have set my entire life by.

And now as I consider all my unmade projects (many of them gelded-at-birth by my less than ambitious efforts at self-promotion) I’ve recently added  “what the fuck have I done with my life?” to that list of woes (a pretty self-indulgent attitude for a guy who has always prided himself on setting the terms of his own existence).

Well, a man can’t sit in the dirty diaper of his despair forever. Man’s gotta find a way to bust through his  blues and either reinvigorate his love for comics or go stir crazy and then die in a hail of bullets as he tries to bust into prison to deliver the Q-Shaman an organic veggie burger.

And so for the month of April–that glorious month when bunnies and marshmallow fowl and Jesus and sexy, linen-clad Eastre and the holy Fool himself herald the arrival of better days to come–I am going to depart from Weapon Brown and deliver a grab bag of eclectic cartoons, including the next portion of The Idiodyssey, a whimsical new strip called Fat Data, concept art for some unrealizable dream projects of mine, and at long last the beginning of the next chapter of Clarissa’s saga. That oughta clear my mind of doomthink for a while!

There may be some additional surprises too, so I hope you folks who don’t normally go for my silly stuff will keep checking in. I think you’ll like what I have in store for you!

I remain,