Hey ya’ll! Normally when I edit these strips for their second-incarnation I delete any comments I made that appended to the strip’s first go-around. But what the heck? This one is a neat little time capsule of a period when I was still pulling my ears off to keep this project on track. Enjoy!

Yes, you bitter ingrates, only a weensy strip today.It happens.

Okay, time for some rock ’em sock ’em news! As you know, the Weapon Brown saga is building to its raucous conclusion, after which it will emerge from the chrysalis of this website as a fully formed graphic novel. Part of my strategy for promoting the final product has always been to produce an animated commercial for the web that will be awesomely neato enough to attract thousands of new gawkers.

I will need to get the commercial done soon if I want to get the graphic novel out on schedule.

So, for the next month the strip will reduce to a once-weekly schedule so I can get this project underway. And if this cartoon turns out close to how I have imagined it, it will be pretty durn cool indeed.

I will trickle out portions of the animation as it nears completion to keep you folks interested. Meanwhile, I hope this reduction in output will not lead to too many tears. And you can rejoice that at least this will extend the Weapon Brown story. It’s win/win! Plus, we got Osama!!

I will also be debuting a super sweet pre-order sweepstakes for the graphic novel in the very near future with some cool prizes that any Blockhead would drool over, so look forward to that as well. I can’t wait to show this to you as well.

So, silver linings abound in this dark cloud. In the meantime,re-read today’s strip over and over. It is jam packed with in jokes and microscopic details, honest!