It took some doing, but I finally made it to the last page of this path-changing arc! But here we are, you and I! Together!

Quit looking for the door. You’re in this as deep as I am.

Squints has sold out to a mysterious corporation, Roadkill is on an open-ended journey of hellish revenge, and Beepo is about to boldly go where no clown should ever go. Where will all this lead??

Well, that will depend on you, oddly enough!

I have several projects ready to begin in 2016, and I would like to make the next arc of Deep Fried (which I am tentatively calling The Hero’s Journey) one of those projects. I’d also like to return to a regular schedule, now that PEEK! is about to hit the shops and I have time to waste time once more. So, if you want to see where this adventure is taking us all, please do the following:

1) Let me know what you thought of the Out of the Frying Pan arc, now that it is complete! Comment comment comment!
2) Join my mailing list (right underneath the comic)! I am about to do a pre-order sale for PEEK! that will include a special offer for mailing list members! Remember: I don’t do a lot of begging or Patreon or that kind of stuff, but my efforts have to make money somehow. Show your love!
3) Kill for me! Oh, wait… that comes later. Right now, just buy the damn comics.

I will be announcing my projects for 2016 very soon. If you want Beepo, Roadkill and that other guy to be part of the agenda, make me want to do it! And believe me, I want to want to do it! I’ve got some baaaaad ideas.

Happy New Year!