What a long, strange trip it’s been! And what a long, strange trip still to come! Beepo is about to explore the mysteries of his own heart… but watch out for all that cholesterol, buddy!

Don’t forget to commemorate this leg of The Hero’s Journey by bringing home the print or digital edition of this comic! It’s always nice to have something in your possession for the government to hang over your head when they execute their search warrants!

The Hero’s Journey will now go on hiatus for a few months so that some of the other comics you have been waiting for can have their moments to shine at last. Starting next week: the final installment of the first story arc of Kobayashi Maru will begin, and then we charge onward to Weapon Brown: Aftershock!

As for the next chapter of The Hero’s Journey, “The Idiodyssey”, look for that to begin in the spring!