This week, as I wrap up April Fool’s Month, you can follow along as I develop an illustration I have been fiddling with in my sketchbook for a few weeks now–a scene from the novel Dune. I’ll share the stages of the art with you as I complete them and debut the finished work on Friday. I’ll also toss in another Fat Data strip along the way. Aren’t I nice?

I promised to conclude AFM with a new Clarissa cartoon. That will have to wait until next week, as I am still writing it. (Okay, yes, I play this card a lot. Well, what can I say? With Clarissa, patience is a virtue. I am moving into what I hope will be the final Clarissa story arc, and if a typical Clarissa story is hard to write, finishing her story is even harder. I beg your indulgence!)

Next Week: Weapon Brown returns! (See? I still deliver the goods!)