September is almost over, and I know what you are saying: “Where the  hell is Project ‘X’? And What the hell is Project ‘X’  in the first place?! (Also, can you validate my parking?)”

Believe you me, I am not trying to draw out the suspense. A bunch of stupid paying work has gotten in my way, but that doesn’t mean I’m not hard at work on this big mystery enterprise.

I can reveal at last that  Project “X” will be a new web strip… but also more! Regrettably, however, I have to push the actual release date of the series forward to November 1st so I can bank a few more pages and thus get the strip out on a regular schedule (you may have noticed me playing ketchup… I mean catsup… with Deep Fried. Again: it’s busyness and not laziness that is to blame!).

The good news is that I have just put the finishing touches on the first issue of Deep Fried: The Hero’s journey and will be announcing a pre-order sale by Monday. Hidden within those pages is the official revelation of what Project “X” actually is! So, get tantalized! (Suffice it to say: if you thought Weapon Brown might have caused me legal grief, watch out! ! I’m tap dancing on a landmine this time!)

You  lucky pre-purchasers will know first what I’m talking about first, but from this point forward I will be warming up the reveals on this site  all the way to the Debutpocalypse! Get stoked!

In the meantime: more sketchiness!