Bang the cymbals and toot the shofar! All of you who have dwelt in the desert awaiting my return; ye faithful, desperate for the amusements that only I can provide…  you may cease whipping yourselves with knotted cords! Your master has returned, and the cartoon exile is over!

(Well, in a month it will be over! Go pull your knotted cords out of the bonfire. There’s still time for a little more whipping.)

Job opportunities, travel and soul searching have kept me away from my cartoon duties for the past several months, but I am returning to form, fresh and ready to reclaim your love and disposable income!

Here is what you can look forward to, starting in early June:

The Return of Deep Fried

Your favorite trio of misanthropes return in weekly installments beginning next month! Squints dives into his new job, eager to rejoin the rat race, but finds himself tested by his weird new boss. Meanwhile, Beepo struggles with feelings of abandonment caused by Roadkill’s disappearance while fighting with his conscience over his relationship with Asparagus. Things are going to get creepy in the most wonderful ways!

Deep Fried: The Hero’s Journey #1

The most recent Deep Fried storyline, “Out of the Frying Pan”, will be available as a downloadable digital comic complete with covers and everything. I’m also working on a print edition for you Lorax-hating tree killers.

This issue of Deep Fried (the first official Deep Fried comic book since the fourth issue of volume 2 was published several years ago)  marks the beginning of Deep Fried’s new format, focusing on the adventures of Beepo, Roadkill and Squints exclusively (my other humorous nonsense will now go into the pages of PEEK!) The first arc of this new format, which I imagine will run to four issues, will be called Deep Fried: The Hero’s Journey, and will follow the cast as they each embark  on life-altering odysseys of fun, love and perversion.

Project X!

Good news for fans of my action-oriented work, such as Weapon Brown! Starting in September I will be debuting a new thrilling-yet-humorous comic series on this site that I’m sure will scratch your itch for the outrageous.

Here is what I am prepared to say at this time:

  1. It is not another Weapon Brown comic. Yes, I told several people that a follow-up to Weapon Brown was in the offing. But I also wanted that project to be drawn by several artists other than myself, and that would require money that I don’t have. While I still hope to pull off this project at some point, I have put it on the back burner for now.
  2. It is not The Garbage Men. I have teased you with this superhero project many times as well. But like the Weapon Brown follow-up, I prefer to write this comic and have someone else draw it. This is for stylistic reasons, but also because I have no wish to publish The Garbage Men myself. I ultimately want a team working on this book so that another publisher can get it out on a regular basis. It’s still a go project, however. Look for it to arrive someday!
  3. The story is set here:


I have long wanted to tell a story set in outer space. I love sci-fi and all the opportunities for the weird and the wonderful it allows. And, as you already know, I love parody. What could I have in mind…?

You will find out! I will include the first preview of this new project in the downloadable edition of The Hero’s Journey #1, and I will be releasing more and more details as September approaches.

There you go: the agenda that will have me working my fingers to the bone for years to come!

My God, why have you forsaken me?