The most dangerous content you will see all day!

Folks, I may not be long for this world. Any moment now, the IDF may launch a Hellfire missile through my studio window… that is, if I don’t “accidentally” jump off a roof while a man who looks suspiciously like Anthony Blinken in a trench coat flees the scene. You see, I have become… an Enemy of the County!

As readers of my work know, there is only one group of people that I believe deserve to be genocided out of existence: mods. Forum moderators are the scum of the earth, and also, I believe, the secret rulers of America and the people who killed Kennedy. So when Israel began their onslaught against the Palestinian people last year, I naturally asked myself, “What can be the justification for this? It’s not like Hamas kicked Netanyahu off of Reddit for defending JK Rowling! THIS MUST NOT STAND!”

This, I began my activism to do my small part as an American to help end the Gaza Genocide, which ultimately led to my engagement with political activists in Rochester, NY who are trying to get our county government to take down the Israeli flag from in front of the County Office Building, where it flies proudly as a symbol of our local government’s support for mass murder.

However, placards and die-ins really aren’t my scene. I am a cartoonist, and my duty is to zing! So on the day after I participated with a coalition of local activists in asking the Monroe County Legislature to remove the Israeli flag, I wrote a statement articulating the demands of my coalition and supplemented it with the cartoon you see above, which portrays Monroe County Executive Adam Bello, the Democratic majority leader of the County Legislature Michael Yudelson, and local flag hag Meredith Dragon, the CEO of a Rochester-based Israeli pressure group who supplies the flags to the county.

And what did the powers-that-be do with my pungent cartoon, a piece of work not even worthy of the reject pile at MAD magazine? Did they send it to the shredder and get on with their regular business of declaring snow emergencies and such?

NO! Once they saw my cartoon, it was RED ALERT! Behold the press releases sent out yesterday representing the collective horror of the entire Monroe County government at seeing the County Executive portrayed in a dog collar!

Folks, my cartoon will not save any lives. As a matter of fact, Israel will probably step up their hospital bombings because of it. But proving through one crappy cartoon that you can provoke the entire apparatus of government to shit their pants in unison? That is democracy in action! I have never been prouder.

(By the way, if you are on Twitter please let Adam Bello, Michael Yudelson and Meredith Dragon know how hilarious you found my depictions of them. Don’t be mean–the cartoon has done that for you– but considering how thin-skinned they have all proven to be, they deserve to know that their efforts to intimidate their dissenters are flopping hard!)