2022 was a complicated year for us all, but certainly an improvement over recent years past. And thanks to you, 2022 was a great year for Death Ray Graphics and me personally!

The highlight, of course, was the successful Weapon Brown: Aftershock Kickstarter. You guys came through for me once again, and I feel like a veritable Freddy Kruger when it comes to living my dreams!

I also completed The Deep Fried story “The Idiodyssey”, a project dear to my heart that I was finally able to realize. Both these comics will soon be in print and flying around the country (and yet still completely flying under the nose of the FBI! HAHAHAHA!!!) 

And in 2023, there will be several exciting projects and unexpected surprises coming, including the beginning of “Bug Wings”, Clarissa’s final story, and some exciting big publisher projects!I hope you will all have a terrific New Year’s Eve, and that I will continue to enjoy your enthusiasm in the coming year as I did in 2022!

Fa Hoo Foraze and Auld Lang Syne,