When I am not cranking out one whole comic per week, I am sketching all sorts of things!

I originally imagined a more elaborate “Road Warrior” outfit for Little Red, but then I considered how impractical it would be to be wearing a whole lot of crap in that hot, sweaty power suit, and went with this more streamlined “Sarah Connor” look instead.

The undersketch for an upcoming page. I’m looking forward to drawing Crokk again.

I’ve been drawing the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants lately. This is my take on Avalanche, who has the power to shoot shock waves that both disintegrate and propel matter.

Avalanche is kind of a weird character, in that he doesn’t have much personality (a fact reflected in his terrible, generic costume that has a big letter “A” on the front, as though even he couldn’t figure our how to advertise his superpower). I am upgrading his look with a lot of padding to imply that he needs protection from his own destructive energies. I also thought I’d add a touch of deformity to him (Avalanche is a mutant, after all) by giving him oversized hands that somehow play a role in generating his shock waves.