Here are some sketches for an upcoming illustration I will be posting, set in the throne room of the Emperor from Dune.

Emperor Shaddam IV is often portrayed as being an old man. But while he is in his 70s, canonically he has the appearance of a man in his 30s thanks to the benefits of imbibing spice.

Considering that Dune is set tens of thousands of years in the future, I am still working out how “sci-fi” to make the costumes of the nobility of this retro-feudal future.
Shaddam and his compatriot Count Fenring. Shaddam is described in Dune as having a pony tail and hawkish features. I don’t recall how Fenring is described, but I know that he is a “genetic eunuch”, a failed Kwitsatz Haderach. I imagine him as being a slightly effeminate dandy, which belies his deadly martial skills.
Designing the throne room is the greatest challenge. I want it to be practical and splendid, without a lot of frivolous technological doo-dads. Then again, it must bespeak the seat of power of the ruler of a galaxy (as well as thousands of years of evolution in design… and I’m still learning how to draw cubes!)