When we last left our heroes, they were pinned down by laser-shooting space baddies! And they still are!!

I took three different passes at this scenario. Last week I showed the first page for all three takes. Here is how the remainder of the first scenario played out.

Poor Captain Gruff Handsomeman! He didn’t sign on for this shit! He just want’s the space gold so he can retire on planet Paradise One! His gorgeous second in command, Tuff Cook’y, puts up with Gruff, flawed as he is, but wonders if she will have to take charge of the operation one of these days. Kwar, of course, is just in it for the bloody thrill of it all (although I suspect he has a revenge itch to scratch, as is common with his warrior race). And the robot (Chron), is simply a loyal servomech… or is he???
I was pretty pleased with the scaly skin on Kwar, and I love that mega gun of his. If possible, I will bring it into Kobayashi Maru. I’m fairly certain I swiped the look of the bad aliens from John Byrne’s Danger Unlimited.
Nice kneepads on that deathbot, huh? I think its design was inspired by some “shadow droids” created by Cam Kennedy for a Star Wars comic. Sadly it looks like Gruff has led his team into a trap. Let’s see how things go next week when I put the chick in charge!

(Special thanks to Blue Line Pro, the pre-lined Bristol board that was the staple of my early career!)