You think I have forgotten all my mothballed projects, but you are wrong! I dust those mothballs every day so they stay nice and fresh and can do their job of preserving the projects they have been sprinkled upon.

One such project is obviously Kobayashi Maru, which I halted three-quarters of the way through its first storyline when I realized that I was tackling too many projects at once. But it is hardly gone for good! I will be debuting the conclusion of the story soon after Deep Fried’s ”Kiss & Makeup’ storyline wraps, and (knock duranium) Kobayashi Maru will return in glory in 2020.

Cropped, dutched images: the ultimate in teaser goodness!

Here’s some fresh sketchbookery from the project. This is “Herbert”, a character who will be introduced in the next storyline. The first person who correctly identifies the Star Trek reference I am employing here (no fair running to Memory Alpha!) will win my coveted “brownie points” award.