As many of you who have read the blog post below this one know, MAD magazine is folding like one of Al Jaffee’s trademark fold-ins. Whoops, there goes another rubber tree plant! (Or as MAD themselves would have put it, “ShlaBOINK!! There goes another squamish pritz!!!)

Also, there goes another client for yours truly! So now is the time for me to get serious. I am going to step up my game and get this site updating with two strips a week to keep you coming back! (I want The Hero’s Journey completed almost as much as Roadkill wants to start peeling his quarry like an onion!)

It will take me about a month to get into that groove, as I have to bank some content, but I’m ready if you are! And there’s more: I am going to start putting out even more content on this site with the goal of getting self-sufficient by the end of the year. But that will be up to you!

If you would like more Deep Fried, Clarissa and lots of other naughty stuff, then keep me away from the unemployment office! Subscribe to this site and get all the new bonus content I am offering! Together we will fill the hole that has been torn in America’s soul!