Hello frequent visitors! It is time to broach that subject that arises in every web content creator’s life: whether or not to create a Patreon account.

Starting in March I will begin producing the next installment of Deep Fried: The Hero’s Journey, followed by the conclusion of the first Kobayashi Maru story arc, and then onto Weapon Brown: Aftershock. All of these projects are comic books I would like to get into print, hopefully with the help of a publisher. If, however, I wind up going the Death Ray Graphics route, I will really need a much more dependable income stream to justify all the time these books will take to create.

This leads me to the path many before me have taken: Patreon. Patreon, for those who don’t know, is a subscription service that allows people to fund their favorite content creators by pledging to pay them a little money on a regular basis, usually collected monthly via Patreon from a subscriber’s credit card or PayPal. In return, subscribers get exclusive content and other goodies offered through different subscription tiers.

So, I would like some feedback on this idea. If you are a regular visitor, and if I began putting out a much improved workload of stuff for you to enjoy, what else would you want in order to be willing to pay for all this glory? Some of the ideas I have for Patreon backers would be:

  • Exclusive “Pencilrama” posts
  • Sign-up tchochkes
  • Special variant cover editions of printed comics
  • Unique video content (could be anything: animated cartoons, videos of me at work, riff tracks of your favorite movies??)
  • AMAs
  • Meet-and-greets

I have more ideas, but what I really want are YOUR ideas! What will get you more interested in Whatisdeepfried.com, and thus get ME more interested in putting out even more content? Let’s work together on this! Please comment below.