How many goddamn times is this art by Max Dunbar going to pop up in an article about ME? DUNNNBARRRRRRR!!!!

Wouldja look at this? I’m the toast of the town again! Let’s see who’s buttering me up this week!

First, It’s Wayne Hall, who heroes under the name “Major Spoiler”. Wayne recently invited me down  to his awkwardly-named “Spoiler Cave” for a touch of podcastery. Have a listen to his professional, radio quality voice, and then cringe as you compare it to my congested, half-panicked babbling as we talk about Weapon Brown and my other upcoming projects.

And then, behold! I have finally reached the apex of my career by being added to a listicle at! Jason Iannone has delivered unto me some backhanded flattery by declaring Weapon Brown to be amongst the “6 Pieces Of Fan Art That Prove We’re Doomed”. (He obviously has not heard of Shadman).

Not too shabby for a guy who keeps waking up at 1:30 in the afternoon! Now let’s see…. should I use this exposure as incentive to bust my hump getting my comic books finsihed, or spend the next five days working on an editorial demolishing some low-level Trump flack who just got booted from the White House? What will Jason choooooose?