He’s going in for the kiss.

It was rough going for a while, and I’ll admit that I did have a concession speech prepared.. but what do you know? Sometimes your get lucky! And no one is luckier than a guy who has fans like mine!

So yes indeed, my Kickstarter made it’s goal and then some! The last-minute enthusiasm was beyond my greatest dreams! (Okay, not beyond the dream where I’m flying naked over a land of birthday parties while shooting my enemies with blue eye lasers… but still, pretty awesome!) This means that the Weapon Brown graphic novel will soon be back in stock, and that an all new Weapon Brown comic book featuring tales of your favorite Weapon Brown characters is on its way!

Beyond that, the success of this Kickstarter is greasing the skids for all my upcoming projects, which will all benefit from my having Weapon Brown to anchor my publishing agenda. So if you enjoy Peek, Deep Fried and all the rest, good news! Everyone wins!

Thank you to all who pledged to my campaign, spread the word, or who just reads my work! Occasionally, as a creator,  I have to pass the hat through the audience, and you guys were anything but stingy!  This one’s for you!