After the flu tried AND FAILED to kill me last week, delaying the launch of my Kickstarter, I rallied! I can now report that the Weapon Brown: Aftershock Kickstarter, which has been up and running all week, is doing just dandy!

As I write this I am closing in on 100 backers and nearing 25% of my goal. I’m feeling confident enough to even be thinking about the next item on my agenda in this Year of Death Ray Graphics, which is the second issue of Peek! But first, I guess I ought to reacquaint the public with that project.

Beginning next week, I will start putting out the entirety of Peek the First as a daily strip, running Monday through Friday, until the whole mess has been shared. There will be lots of great random humor for you to enjoy, and it will all lead up to the complete “Take Me To Work Day” Clarissa story that so many of you have been jonesin’ to read on this site!

(I have also, at last, put Peek the First up for sale in my store as a digital edition. Why read it for free when you can pay me for it??)

In the meantime I have begun working in earnest on the new material for Peek the Second, which I hope to have out in comic book form this summer. And you will soon be able to purchase the second issue of The Hero’s Journey as well. That one’s almost ready to come out of the oven!

There are just so many ways for you to give me your money that I can’t believe you have any left! GIMMEE!!