The Year of Death Ray Graphics (that’s what the Chinese are calling 2018, at least) is underway! If you did not know that, then I curse the mainstream media for distracting you with nonsense like that “Nunes Memo” shit. Damn you, Nunes!

But it’s true! It’s my year and you’re just living in it! And the first stage of my endless 2018 product launches is the upcoming Kickstarter to fund a new run of Weapon Brown! Yes, my hated fans have bought up all of my Weapon Brown graphic novels, forcing me to run a Kickstarter to buy more! This is capitalism, folks! An endless cycle of never-enough-for-anyone!

The campaign launches Monday, February 12th, and is not only designed to put Weapon Brown back into print, but to fund a brand NEW Weapon Brown product as well! That comic book will be called Weapon Brown: Aftershock, and it will be a 48-page epilogue to the Chuck’s journey, telling tales out if school about your favorite round-headed sonofabitch. I’ ve had this idea on my mind for a while, so finger’s crossed!

I will have more details and promo art to share soon, but in the meantime, get excited! And if you feel like adding your name to my mailing list (right below the weekly), you may receive a special goody right before the campaign launches, just to prove that I love you (or don’t love you, as my goodies ultimately reveal. Hey, I was raised by emotionally distant hobo parents! What do you expect from me??)