The Buffalo ComicCon was held last weekend in gorgeous Buffalo “if you lived here you’d be planning your move west by now” New York. I was there, as was my my one-of-a-kind Jetson’s bowling shirt that was the talk of the show, and which attended several after parties without me. Sigh… at least there were plenty of costumed weirdos for me to forge lifelong friendships with!

Locked and loaded! And now it’s time to regret my career decisions! I mean… time to make some money!
I don’t know who any of these characters are, but I’m certain their bathing costumes are not allowed on the beaches of France anymore.
Personally, I think Bluetooth technology is moving in the wrong direction.
This woman’s prosthetic hand is a miracle of science, but still… a hand you have to feed fish to five times daily?
The OHotMU was correct: “Whoever gets turned on by Rule 34s of Lois Griffin and Bart Simpson burns at the Man-Thing’s touch!”
The fact that the boy on the right is dressed up as a girl Ghostbuster is all the more courageous when you consider all the Twitter trolling he has had to endure.
Speaking of The Ghostbusters, let’s hear it for this gender-swapped re-imagining of the Powerpuff Girls!
Kidding! KIDDING! !
On the left, Kylo Ren. On the right…

Gonna say “Mr. Spock”.

The guy on the left has an awesomely meta costume of Jordan Peele impersonating John Boyega, but the picture was ruined by Spider-Man running into frame!
Ladies and gentleman, I give you the cast of Sony Pictures upcoming reboot of The Warriors!
I take it back, Mr. Smith! Cop Out was this generation’s Lethal Weapon! Just… please don’t make me watch Tusk!
Aqualad got pretty upset when I asked him what manatee tastes like (turns out he’s an aquavegan).
“Dog bites man” ain’t a story. “Man bites dog” is a story! Giant lime green Beanie Baby knees C-list cartoonist in the nads? That’s not even click bait in our jaded age.
These guys took a break from stalking a forest in North Carolina to visit me in Buffalo!
Tog, Flunk, Midge, Johnny Beefstick and Turkel: The Voltron Force!
Fuck you! I know one of you is named Turkel!
A “portal gun”? What’s it do? Hey, Smurf locks! I asked you what it….HYEEEARRRGHHH!!