Right now you are probably not here. Right now you are probably adding red, white and blue stripes to your Facebook profile picture to remind people that you care when folks get blow’d up in France, just the same way you cared about gays getting married when last you added colored stripes to your face. Good for you! You are really making a difference.

If you have spared a thought for this site at all, it was probably to wonder where the next Deep Fried strip is. “How hard can it be to finish a damn story?” you ask through stripe-ed lips.

Believe me: fucking hard. At least it is when you’ve got a comic book to finish first. Yes, as usual, delivering my Kickstarter obligations is a birthing process not unlike the one John Hurt went through in Alien. It is all I can do to not sit down on some railroad tracks and wait, smiling, for 800 tons of metal to end the pain.

So, bear with me for the remainder of November. PEEK will be out the door to the printers on December 1st, and then I will be able to deliver the final, shocking page that will conclude “Out of the Frying Pan”, and set the stage for suicide attempts to come!