“Where the fliggity fliggity fuck is Deep Fried?” You ask, using that ersatz hip-hop slang that you know annoys me. Apologies! I have been busy as one of Santa’s elves getting one project after another completed in advance of the Chicago Comic-Con (where I will be this weekend, table E-47… unless Arthur Suydam poaches it!)

That is why I have been “dissing” you on the “content”! (Sorry… I write the headlines first). And what are these other distracting projects? Well, chief among them is this Muppet Weapon Brown arm I’ve been working on for the show:

Domo aragato, Pedo Roboto!


(Ooo yeah…. CAL’s in for it now!) I’ve also been hump-busting to keep project PEEK! on track, coming up with variant covers and the like, all the while juggling paying work. This has thrown a hunky monkey wrench into my monkey business. Sorry!

Take heart: things will be on track by September. I too want to see what will happen when Beepo and Roadkill finish climbing those stairs. Stay tuned!!