There have been any number of critical responses to the Charlie Hebdo massacre containing opinions that differ from my own, and no harm done, but Arthur Chu, the Daily Beast’s nerd-culture columnist, has woken the dragon!

(That’s nerd bait.)

I don’t begrudge Chu’s right to say that Charlie Hebdo was a less sympathetic target than the world’s arm-in-arm marchers would have us believe, but then again, America has not had to deal with specific terrorist intimidation against artists and writers yet. There have been no Charlie Hebdo or Theo van Gogh-style attacks here. If a direct attempt to silence the media ever takes place in America’s “old” reality and not the Cyber States of Virtualtopoia, Chu may find himself humming a few bars of kumbaya.

You can read my cartoon response here. So far, is the only news outlet that has not been afraid of Arthur Chu bursting into its offices with a BFG if they run it, and I salute their courage.