As threatened promised, I showed up at Buffalo’s Queen City bookstore on Wednesday and thrusted a hard Weapon Brown at every unsuspecting customer that made eye contact with me. The public’s to my book ran the gambit from indifference to bloooorrrghh!
“If you must hold one book at waist height this year, I’d recommend Weapon Brown. (I was not compensated for this endorsement… I was given a copy of Weapon Brown instead.)”
My fans, the Kleinmartin-Barbecue family, could barely contain their happiness at reading Weapon Brown! “Gorge” is the same as happiness, right?

My family, on the other hand, are all demanding refunds!

Even Beepo’s grandmother is revolted at my work! 

Thanks to everyone who showed up at my signing!  Now if you’ll excuse me, my friends want me to go play “Slenderman” with them in the woods!