For weeks now I have managed to deflect information about the world at large as though protected by a Holtzman generator (look it up!). However, news that moves slower than 9 cm per second can still reach me, and against my will I have learned that Harold Ramis has died (making him the second most selfish person preventing a new Ghostbusters movie, after Bill Murray), and that Arizona governor Jan “finger-in-the-face” Brewer just recently vetoed a law to prevent homosexuals from purchasing wedding cakes.

Farewell, sweet Barton Fink.

This is a pretty good track record as far as forced oblivions go. My bubble of ignorance is nearly as impenetrable as the GOP’s. Of course, that force field  is still solid enough to protect a Borg cube, or else how could this legislation have made it as far as the governor’s desk?

Jan has truly proven herself as the biggest Tea Party fraud since the original Boston Tea Party framed a bunch of Indians for their own vandalism (which probably caused the British to slaughter a whole village before the deception was uncovered). After all, This isn’t the first time Jan Brewer has had to veto some modern Nuremberg law that AZ’s Reichstag sent her way, while still claiming she is a  bulwark against Comrade Obama. The irony is that while the GOP pretends to be the party of small, heterosexual business, it is juggernauts like the NFL and Apple that brought her to heel.

Another bit of culture that has slipped through my driftnet is the emergence of a new Facebook holiday called “Throwback Thursdays”. While this has probably been around since 2002, I have only just heard of it today after seeing two mentions of it on on FB. Will this corporate phenomenon become the new Valentine’s Day? Christ, I hope not. I don’t think the Suicide Hotline could deal with me every Thursday!

Anyway, without knowing a goddamn thing about the concept behind this idiotic idea, here is my contribution: the opening credits to the awesomely progressive  80’s cartoon Bionic Six! From it’s multicultural ethos to it’s trumpeting of the “miracle of modern science”, it’s the biggest “fuck you” to Arizona I can think of!