Woot! The Weapon Brown graphic novel is now officially listed in the big ol’ Previews catalog that ships to every comic shop in the known Universe! Soon the world will get to enjoy what only you, the select few have known about for years! But it’s not too late! Run to your nearest shop and burn every copy of Previews you find! Why should you have to share me??

Anyway, the ad is on page 322, so tell your favorite comic monger to order a dozen copies or else the terrorists win!

(Wait… didn’t they win already? I mean, they obviously won in Iraq, but is that a “win” win? ‘Cause Iraq really had nothing to do with 9/11. Wait… why did we go to war with that country again? We didn’t go to war in Iraq just so that al-Qaeda could make that their new home and start popping off car bombs every few days, right? ‘Cause that is definitely what’s going on there, and I’m just…. a bit confused… how much did that war cost again…?)

Sorry for that digression! These are the sorts of questions that occur to you when you take a break from having your brain worked like a speed bag by the news. Yes, I am currently in the midst of News Fast 2014! A “news fast” is something I do every now and then where I disconnect entirely from the news media in all its forms to remind myself that A) the news is never good, so why bother? and B) There’s not a goddamn thing I can do with the information I get from the news, because Syria and John Boehner just don’t give a rat’s ass about me, despite all the chocolates I send them.

This also means that  in a few weeks I may find that the Tea Party has committed mass suicide and that “Madea Loses Her Legs to Diabetes” won Best Picture. What an awesome surprise to discover so much about the past at once! Of course, if aliens invade earth I probably won’t be able to tune that out. Then again, we’ve all gotten good at tuning out that Iraq business, so who knows?