Well, it happened! A buncha crazy bastards who didn’t realize that they should be investing in gold bouillon instead threw their money down on my craps table. And as usual, the House won!

My Kickstarter has been successfully funded not, as you might have guessed, by a last-minute donation from the Chubb Group, but by viewers like you! The Weapon Brown graphic novel is now going to be a horrifying reality!! I’d like to thank everyone of you for your support, no matter what form it took, and I can’t wait to get this product into every waiting pair of hands!

And there’s even more good news on the way as I prepare this website for the brand new content that will begin arriving after Weapon Brown completes its second run as a daily strip. I am looking forward to bringing back some familiar faces and all new creations. Thanks again to you all for making this nonsensical experiment I call my career possible!