I haven’t been blogging enough lately, which I know is the feature that keeps you coming back to this site. Believe me, the moment Ben Stein writes his next syllable I will be on it like a pit bull on a Milkbone dunked in babies’ blood! Eww… went a little too far there.

Anyway, what’s keeping me busy is, of course, all things related to the Weapon Brown graphic novel. I’d hoped to have my Kickstarter going by this point, but I am happy to report that for the first time in my life, I am only a single month behind schedule! I am completing the art for the back cover, which will leave me with only a few of the book’s guts to finish, and then I launch with extreme prejudice! Ooo… that sounded cool. Went just the right amount of too far that time!

Meanwhile, Weapon Brown is the talk of the Intertube. Max Scoville, in his  Study Hall web-series, has declared Weapon Brown to be the perfect appetizer to tide one over until Fallout 4 hits the markets. What is Fallout 4, you ask, and what does it have in common with Weapon Brown? Beats the shit out of me! Maybe they’re a metal band. Who cares? Free advertising!! Watch Max sing my praises below.



Mmm yeah, that’s entertainment. Want more? My cartoonin’ buddy Keef Knight of the K Chronicles and The Knight Life recently got into creating live-action amusements on the YouTube. here’s his first offering. Viral up this biznitch!


Next week I will have a little something new in the video department myself: a short teaser-trailer for Weapon Brown to whet your appetite for my oft-mentioned animated commercial, so get excited for that–as excited as a porn star slapping on a coat of self-heating lube! Did I go too far that time? I wonder…