Like everyone on this planet at all times in history, I wish to see the pillars of society shaken, the high brought low, the prideful and the powerful forced to give awkward press conferences, and with no sacrifice on my part whatsoever to bring it about. It is with that philosophy acknowledged that I help spread the fun and joy that is Anonymous’ latest threat to the New World Order (which remains my least favorite club band.)

This video, which Anonymous posted to the hacked Federal Sentencing Commission website (they deserved it: their password was “shave and a haircut”, tapped on the monitor) is in retaliation for the assisted suicide our government committed against Aaron Swartz, an Internet pioneer, who stole (that is to say, copied) a bunch of documents in violation of what amounts to an iTunes user agreement. Aaron was threatened with 35 years in prison for this, and hanged himself in despair.