Okay, the post-Weapon Brown era of Whatisdeepfried.com is coming along nicely. Those who you who failed in your suicide attempts and have Internet access in your psych wards have already enjoyed two installments of Coffee Break, but probably want to know what will come next, and when, and which!

So let me finally update you on what is in store in the immediate future from this, your favorite Web destination.

Blockhead’s War #7!

The outrageously oversized final issue of Blockhead’s War will begin its pre-order sale next week. This glorious issue will complete the collecting saga so many of you began a few years ago and will overload any long box ever corrugated! By the way, its time to send me your fan mail! Now is the last opportunity for true Blockhead’s to be commemorated in the pages of the ultimate action parody!

The Pops T-Shirt!

Right alongside the pre-order sale for Blockhead’s War #7 will be the pre-order sale for the long-craved Pops T-shirt! I will also be running a special promotion for those who want to order these two items together, which will certainly include some one-of-a-kind goodies. Remember not to spend all your Christmas money on your friggin’ loved ones! Love yourself this year!

Weapons Grade Deep Fried!

The new Clarissa story, Take Me to Work Day, which Weapon Brown forced me to postpone, is now underway and will occupy the next couple of months of my time. Until it is completed your comic gruel will continue to be Coffee Break (I sure hope your colons can handle that much coffee). But once that story is finished how shall it reach your eyeballs?

The answer is the next collection of Deep Fried comics, which I am christening Weapon’s Grade Deep Fried. This paperback edition will collect all four issues of Deep Fried volume 2, and will feature Take Me to Work Day as a bonus. It seems likely that this come to you through a Kickstarter campaign at around the time I am running one for the Weapon Brown omnibus, so you are going to have a lot of reading to do and a lot of kicking to start!

Assuming a successful campaign, these books probably will not be printed until the summer. So what about your free goddamn entertainment here?

Deep Fried Rises!

March 4th! A date that will live in infamousness! Deep Fried, the world’s saltiest, most Congressional-inquiry inspiring comic, will rise like Godzilla from the ocean and begin its assault on all that is holy!

I have been working on Deep Fried’s new material, as well as its new direction, for a couple of years. Deep Fried began as an anthology, and hatched both Weapon Brown and Clarissa, as well as Beepo, Roadkill, Squints and a host of other characters. Originally an anthology and a catch-all for anything my mind could conjure, Deep Fried will now focus directly on Beepo, Roadkill and Squints and follow them on epic journeys of growth, change and decay, all while expanding the boundaries of what will get you fired from work for reading it.

Of course, all of this depends on the Mayan Apocalypse being a false alarm. It is just as likely that our brains will turn to quarks as N’Hgga the Dream Serpent swallows the stars and our souls learn to live inside the scales of Her shed skin. But if we are still three-dimensional beings after December 21st, consider all of these plans a “go”.