“Where’s the new frikkin’ strip?” is the sentiment I’m sure even my most devoted Blockheads are thinking today, just as they would have last week, as the sun rose on another Monday without a new Weapon Brown cartoon.

I must not have told you about the “Monday is the new Sunday” philosophy that I adopted recently. I have forgotten that you cannot read my mind …only the Men in the Orange Jogging Suits can do that. It is this new ethic, combined with a grueling 24 Hour Comic Day in which I participated in with my students at RIT this past Saturday, that is reponsible for your woe.

Ultimately, this adds up to my having gotten lazy over the last few weeks. This is a phenomenon illustrated in the Zen koan about the bull that cannot pull it’s tail through a window, or more colloquially, as “senioritis”. It is what occurs when the end of an enterprise is in sight, and you suddenly find the completing of the journey to be agony. Weapon Brown, the monkey on my back for the past four years (Jesus Christ!!) is nearly complete, and the load has never seemed so heavy.

But as Benjamin Franklin was fond of saying, “Fuck dat noise and refill my pimp cup, beeyutch!” JY is back in the saddle. I will have a one-page update in a couple days, and starting next week, it is two pages, as promised, until the end.

In the meantime, here is a gem from cartoonist Nina Paley who knows how to wisely spend the time on her hands.