Sorry for the tardiness in my 10/8 update. All that sweet tenderness is hard to draw. I much prefer napalm enema art! Further in my defense, I had to journey to my hometown of Buffalo, NY this past weekend to spawn as well as to unload some product at the Buffalo Comic-Con. The show was an awesome one-day event and I had to beat my fans off with a stick! (Then I realized that using my hand was more pleasurable for both of us.)

Anyway, the usual mayhem ensued.

No! Please! Don’t take me, Death! I have so much to live for! (Okay, that’s a lie, but I just got back into Dexter, and I really want to find out… what? He kills Deborah in the season finale?? Whoa, that’s darker than I expected!)
Awesome Darth Wolverine costume, dude! I mean, it’s a little conceptual, and I don’t get what the tube of NyQuil is for, but points for imagination!