My next show appearance will be the Buffalo Comicon on October 7th in beeyooteeful Buffalo, New York. Come one come all!

But first…

As you may have heard, I recently journeyed from my home in Rochester, New York to faraway Rochester, New York for the exciting Rochester Comic-Con. I was received in a predictably brutal fashion.

This guy is called “No Face”. I incorrectly guessed that he was Buffalo Sabres goalie Tom Barrasso and deserved the punishment I received.
My Little Pony: Friendship is Tragic!
Don’t worry, sweetie. You’re just going through that “awkward phase”. I’m sure once your glands start firing on all eight cylinders…
…oh. Well, there’s always the convent.
“Extrapolate! Expatriate! EXFOLIATE!!!
This woman claimed to be “Bowser”, so I asked how the rest of Sha Na Na was doing these days. Wrong question!!
Whatever it is, I’m sure its Japanese.
When I said I wanted to “slip into your portal” this was not what I had in miiiinnnnnd why doesn’t anyone get my double entendreeesss??