Lookit this! A group of students at Stuttgart Media University have, for some reason, been attracted to the bleak horror of Clarissa! This is odd behavior for the Germans, often called the “laughing pink unicorns of Europe”, but no matter! They are turning Stuffed Friend, Clarissa’s most popular story, into an animated short! Woot!

This cartoon is being executed in the stop motion manner of movies like “The Nightmare Before Christmas”, and will probably be retitled “Die Madchen und der Hossenpfeffer” and used as an indoctrination video at a bratwurst factory. Hey, I take my fame where I can get it.

The film may be completed by as early as the end of the summer, and hopefully a special screening can be arranged for my Whatisdeepfried peeps. In the meantime, here is some of the production art the lads have completed. They also have a website, http://www.stuffed-friend.com/, for you to visit often.


The Clarissa doll, with detachable "action" leg!