I am now free to report that the molesting of my comic strip schedule is completely unrelated to Joe Paterno, but can be blamed on Occupy Wall Street.

I am covering Rochester, NY’s Occupation movement in a series of comic strips for the City Newspaper, Rochester’s premier alt weekly source for arts, politics and 99¢ parmesan chicken wing coupons for Cobb’s Hill. This has required me to go deep undercover to earn the movement’s trust so I can mooch their coffee and donuts. And also learn stuffs.

The first strip will run next week, and everyone of you who has wondered if sleeping in a park as part of a nationwide political stampede might be a nice alternative to watching Desperate Housewives is urged not to miss it! I will of course post a link here.

I should be back to the Monday/Thursday schedule by next week. Until then, there’s a sleeve of the People’s Girl Scout cookies calling my name.