Am I going mad or am I saner than I have ever been?? Once again, Apple Movie Trailers is filled with so many duplicate images I feel like someone has tattooed fractals on my retinas! This is it people… all of Alex Jones’ prophecies are coming true! Once you see the evidence below you will understand why I have to kill Alex and usher him into Messiahhood faster than anticipated!

The Ides of March
Heavy Times

I trust I don’t have to explain this one to any of you. Come the Ides of March, we are all in for some heavy times (probably from the earth’s magnetic poles reversing!) The split-face imagery is merely a warning: truth is often confused with schizophrenia by those who have unplugged from the Spectacle!


Martha Marcy May Marlene

The Woman


Nietzsche was the first to ├é┬átheorize that a woman’s lies accumulate in her womb and flow out with her menses. Still, Woman’s wickedness has long been constrained through the masculine authority of the letter M. The message here is clear: our nation’s alphabet is losing the Culture War! When the poles reverse our protective Ms will all invert and the She Beast will be set loose upon a nation of emasculated nancy boys!

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance
The Hunger Games

Stop, Hollywood! Don’t burn me anymore in the molten lava of your movie poster flame motifs! Your secret communiques have all been received! I am shaving my head and pouring Bac~Os in my ears just as you have instructed!

You can pretend you didn’t see what you just saw, but you can’t pretend that you aren’t in denial for pretending it! Grab your aluminum foil and meet me under the Main Street overpass when you are ready to face the truth! The Revolution can’t succeed without you! And remember: aluminum foil, not goddamn Cling Wrap!!