Guess where this bloggin is coming from? That’s right! The lobby of the Plug Inn hostel in sunny-with-a-chance-of-showers Paris, France!

Yes, I am on vacation and being hustled left and right by France’s finest street con artists, some of whom have balls so large that by all rights we should be landing men on them!

This is only the first leg of a journey that will take me to ports of call in Spain and Italy as well, but I am really hoping to have most of my Euros vaccuumed up here in the City That Never Bathes.*

I will keep you abreast of all the fun I am having so you can die jealous. Right now my dogs are killing me, and the fact that I am typing this with my toes isn’t helping.

*Actually,  the Parisians smell lovely, and I should know, since I have burried my nose in every willing armpit that comes my way. It is a fetish I choose only to indulge when I am on the Continent.