So I’m reading CNN yesterday (print is dead but cable is print? I just don’t know what to make of our modern media), trying to work up some hu-mon tears to go along with the story of the family in Joplin whose son was sucked out of their car’s sun roof by the tornado, when something even more horrific demanded my attention. In the right hand column of the screen was this:

zombie Ann Coulter?












How…what…? Can anyone explain this?? Near as I can tell it’s an advertisement masquerading as a news article masquerading as a still from Army of Darkness. Either that or Anne Coulter is dating Chris Brown.

Of course I clicked it! I had to know if this woman was okay! It could have been a teaser for Internet snuff. Well, here’s where I landed:

Happy family... or is it?

Nothing out of the ordinary here. Just a single father raising his two daughter’s alone because he had to shoot mommy through the brain pan when she developed a taste for human organs!!