After much deliberation, hand wringing and late night boozing, I have decided to restore Deep Fried #4, the Fan Appreciation edition, to my store, intact with “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Weapon Brown”, the story which was meant as a one-time only fan incentive.

My intention had been to put out a second edition of this issue with a new Clarissa story in place of of the the Great Pumpkin story, but the months have stretched on and on and I have not been able to get that story done in a reasonable time frame. Meanwhile, there are people who would like to complete the collection of Deep Fried who are being viciously denied their Unmerican rights.

So, I hope there will be no hurt feelings from the people who bought up 300 copies of this edition, hoping it would accumulate in value. My greed is more powerful than your selfishness.

As for that Clarissa story, my plan now is to release that with the next Deep Fried trade, which I want to put out soon after Weapon Brown wraps. But I will offer a sneak peak at the progress on that one soon.

Meanwhile, what’s all this I have been hearing on the news about Obama being attacked by seals? Lemmee go check that out on CNN.